The History tab displays the inventory delta, if the agent is configured to deliver inventory updates as such. For more information about how to configure the agent for delta upload refer to the chapter of the respective inventory type in the appendix.

The History tab provides the following information:




This field defines which type of delta to display in the following table. The possibilities are the following: Complete History to display all items of the inventory delta, Added Objects to display only the objects which were added, Updated Objects for all objects for which a value has changed or Deleted Objects to display only those items which are no longer part of the inventory.

Object Name

In this drop-down box you can select a specific object, which has experienced any type of modification during a delta upload to be displayed, or you can display all objects ( Any ). If no objects are displayed in the table only the value Any will be shown.

Limited View

If you check this box only elements which were added or removed to/from the delta will be displayed.


When clicking this field, a calendar displays from which you can select the date from which on the deltas are to be displayed. If the field is left empty, all available value are taken as the starting date.


From this calendar you can select the date until which the objects are to be displayed. If it is left empty all objects stored in the database up to the current moment are displayed.

Date Filter Reset

Click this button, to return to the default date settings for filtering, that is, no time restrictions.


This field displays the actual name of the object which was uploaded by the inventory delta.

Instance Name

The instance name of the object.

Property Name

The property name of the object instance.

Old Value

If the object was modified this field will display the old value of the object. If the object is new this field remains empty; if the object was deleted this field contains the value of the deleted object, however, if several instances of an object are deleted, only one line will indicate this and thus this field also remains empty.

New Value

If the object was modified this field will display the new value of the object, if the value was deleted this field remains empty, if it was added this field displays the new object's value.


Displays the date at which the inventory delta was integrated into the database.

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