Hidden Bulletins

The following topics provide more information about hiding bulletins:

What can I do in this node?

In this node you can:

  • view and order hidden bulletin
  • unhide bulletins

What happens when I hide a bulletin?

When you hide a bulletin it can no longer be deployed and isn't displayed anymore in the following views:

  • Patch/Service Pack Distribution Wizard
  • results of Patch Detection
  • Patch Inventory of devices and device groups
  • Patch Selection dialog when adding a patch to a patch group
  • Bulletins by Year
  • Bulletins by Product

Why should I hide bulletins?

By default when you want to deploy a bulletin all available bulletins can be listed. However some bulletins might be irrelevant to your company and should not be displayed at all.

A policy in your company specifies that only bulletins with a severity of at least Moderate should be deployed for Microsoft products. Therefore you hide all Microsoft bulletins with a severity of Low so that they are no longer available for deployment.

Hiding or unhiding bulletins

If you don't want to deploy a bulletin, you can hide the bulletin and when you decide to deploy the bulletin, you can simply the unhide bulletin. The hidden bulletins are displayed in the Hidden Bulletins node. When you unhide a bulletin, the elements will reappear directly on the Bulletin tabs again.

  1. Open the Patch Management > Patch Manager > Your Patch Manager > Bulletins by Year or Bulletins by Productnode.
  2. Click the bulletin that you want to hide, right-click and select Hide.
  3. In the Hide Bulletin dialog box, enter a reason for hiding the bulletin and click OK.
  4. To unhide a bulletin, click the Hidden Bulletins node.
  5. Click the bulletin that you want to unhide, right-click and select Unhide.
    The bulletins that you unhide are displayed again in the bulletin tabs.
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