Granting access to an agent for remotely accessing a device with macOS

To establish a remote connection with a macOS device, you must grant access to the BMC Client Management agent. Before starting a remote control session, you must perform the steps explained in this topic.


This authorization applies to the clients running on macOS X 10.14 and later releases.

To grant access to an agent for remotely accessing a macOS device

  1. Launch a remote control request on a computer with macOS and follow the user interface instructions.
  2. In the Security and Privacy window, select BCM_Agent from the list of applications and follow the user interface instructions.
  3. In the Accessibility Access window, select the BCM_Agent from the list of applications and click the + button.

    The agent can control the computer for a remote session.


For agentless devices, at the end of the remote session, go back to System Preferences > Accessibility > Privacy and remove the BCM agent from the list of apps. This step is mandatory for establishing a new remote control session. For devices with agent, this step is performed only if you reinstall the agent.

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