Generating and viewing a template-based report

Template-based reports must be assigned to an object to be generated, for example, patch reports must be assigned to a patch group or a patch job, compliance reports to a compliance group or the power management report to a device group. If the report is already assigned continue directly with point 6 of this procedure.

  1. Select the Reports node in the left tree hierarchy.
  2. Select a report in the table in the left window pane, for example Configuration Summary .
  3. Go to its Assigned Objects > Objects node.
  4. Click the Assign Object and select the desired object from the list.
  5. Click OK to confirm.
  6. Reselect the report in the left window pane.
  7. Click Generate Report .
  8. A confirmation window appears, click OK to confirm.
    The report will be created immediately using the current data of the database.
  9. To view the newly generated report click View Last Result .
  10. Click No in the appearing pop-up window.

A new browser window or tab opens and displays the report.

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