Establishing a remote control session

To establish a connection with the selected client proceed as follows. It is possible from any point at which a device is selected to establish a remote control session with it.


Before you connect, however, ensure that you have the corresponding permissions to establish the connection.

  1. Select a device in the left window pane under the Device Topology node, or the relay.
  2. Select the Remote Control node of the device.
    An identification window appears, in which you must provide a valid login and password for the remote device.
  3. Provide a valid login and password for the remote device.
  4. Click Edit > Remote Control .
    The Connection Status appears. After the connection is correctly established, the screen of the target client displays in the right window pane.

You can now execute any required functions or manipulation on the target computer or take over the mouse cursor to help the local user.


If you have the remote device in your view, you will see, that the CM icon in the systray, which normally is blue and oscillates green when the agent is busy, has turned yellow , to indicate that the client was taken over via remote control.


To display the list of all devices that you are currently remotely controlling and to switch from one to another, click the button at the bottom left. The The list of active remote control connections allows you to switch between connections by double-clicking. window appears, listing all currently open remote control sessions. Double-click an entry to switch to the session. Click Close to close the window.

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