Elements of the agent interface pages

The basis for the web page (HCHL) files of the CM agent Interface is standard HTML 4.0. However, for optimal execution of the CM agent Interface, the functionalities for several standard tags were extended (for example, new parameters, tags were created). Another important element in the handling of the HCHL files are headers. Some adjustments were made to the headers for the easy manipulation of the interface. The following paragraphs and topics describe in detail the use and concepts for the following basic elements of the CM agent Interface pages:

  • BMC Software Tags
    The basis of all CM agent Interface pages is standard HTML 4.0. However, because the Agent Interface has some very specific needs, existing HTML tags were given extended functionalities, such as the capability to handle Chilli expressions., New tags and parameters were created where necessary
  • Chilli in the CM agent Interface
    Chilli is used in the Agent Interface to execute repetitive and automated tasks through scripts. These scripts can be called through the new the command line. In addition to the script being called, further parameters can be specified within the tag's arguments. These Chilli functions are explained in more detail in later topics. References to the Chilli Reference guide will be made where further explain an item.
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