Downloading the installation files

This topic explains how to obtain the files that you need for installation from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site.

To download the files

The BMC Client Management installation program includes the latest service packs and patches. When new service packs and patches are released for BMC Client Management 20.08, you need to perform an upgrade of the product to apply the latest changes. You can find information about available service packs and patches under Release notes and notices.

  1. Create a directory to place the downloaded files.


    On Microsoft Windows computers, ensure that the directory is only one level into the directory structure. The EPD package creates a directory in the temporary directory when you extract the files, and the directory that contains the installation image should not be in a directory deeper than two levels into the directory structure.
  2. Download the required installer files from  BMC Client Management, 20.08.00 Open link .
  3. The Product tab lists the Full and Update installer files.
  4. Click a file to download now by HTTP or select multiple files to download through a customized FTP link.

Where to go from here

Carefully review the system requirements listed in the Planning topic for your platform. You must perform these tasks before you launch the installation program.

For installation instructions, see Installing BMC Client Management on-premises or Upgrading.

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