Downloading and installing the BMC Helix Client Management console

The BMC Helix Client Management Console Download Page provides the necessary links for downloading and installing the BMC Helix Client Management console. This page is only accessible via a browser through a specific link that is communicated to you by the BMC Helix Client Management team, the format of which looks like thishttp://master name:master port/console. For example,

To download and install the BMC Helix Client Management Console

  1. In a web browser, open the  BMC Helix Client Management Console Download Page by using the URL provided to you.
    The URL is in the format https://master name:master port/console. For example,
    The BMC Helix Client Management Console Download page is displayed, as shown in the following screen capture:
  2. You can choose to install the BMC Helix Client Management in one of the following ways:
    • By using a web start installer (Recommended method) 
      The BMC web start installer provides an easier and faster way to install the Console, ensures that you are always accessing the latest version of the Console, and omits the complex installation procedures. It includes the trusted certificate hence BMC recommends that you use a web start installer to access the BMC Helix Client Management Console. After processing the web start installer on your computer, perform the tasks according to your computer's OS as follows
      • On Windows OS: Open the web start installer .exe file that is downloaded to your computer.
      • On Linux OS: The web start installer is downloaded as an archive ZIP file, which includes a Linux binary file that you must execute manually. 
        To execute the Linux binary file, perform the following tasks: 
        1. After the binary file is downloaded to your computer, open a terminal where the binary file was inflated.
        2. Update the binary file with the required permissions so that it can be executed.
        3. Execute the binary file from the terminal so that the web start installer is processed.
      • On Mac OS: The web start installer is downloaded as an archive ZIP file, which includes a Mac OS bundle that you must execute manually.
        Double-click the Mac OS bundle to execute it and process the web start installer. If the Mac OS bundle is blocked by the OS, it cannot be executed. In such a scenario, you must check the Mac Security Preferences and unlock the bundle execution. 
    • By using a standard installation package (Custom method) 
      The standard installation package enables you to install the Console manually in an offline mode. For example, if you want to install the BMC Helix Client Management Console on a web server that is not a master server. 
      Click the SSL Certificate link to download the certificate to remove the security warning from the browser and also to enhance the remote control performance. The standard installer does not install the SSL certificate as a part of the installation. To install the certificate, copy it manually from the master or agent to the directory where the console is installed by performing the following steps:
      1. Navigate to the directory where the standard installation package is installed. 

        Usually the installation directory is C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Client Management\Console\. This directory contains the NumaraFootPrintsAssetCore.jar file.

      2. Create a new certs folder at the root of the Console folder (at the same level of NumaraFootPrintsAssetCore.jar).
      3. Create a new trusted sub-folder inside the certs folder.
      4. Go to this link http://<Master IP>:1611>/raw/1/cacert and download the certificate.
      5. Copy the downloaded certificate file to the C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Client Management\Console\ certs\trusted\ directory.
      6. Launch the console.

  3. Enter your login information and click Login.

    The following image is an example of the login page.

After the installation is completed, you are redirected to the latest available version of the BMC Helix Client Management Console. To log in to the console, double-click the BMC Helix Client Management console desktop icon, specify the login information provided by the support team, and follow the instructions to log on. 


Ensure to back up the certificates stored on the master. If the master is reinstalled, before its first restart, it is important to copy the saved certificates to a reserved location. The impact of the loss of master's certificates is a total loss of inter-agent communication in the SSL mode.

For more information, see Knowledge Article  000420230 (BEST FAQ on BMC Client Management Console login issues) Open link .

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