Device inventory management

The CM agent of the BMC Client Management - Inventory allows you to collect any type of inventory data for the individual computers of your network. The collected information is related to the individual properties of the object and contains extensive information, such as the installed processor and its type, speed, RAM, BIOS name and date, the software installed on the managed devices and any other custom defined attributes, such as the geographical location, the values of registry or of a configuration file entry. Not all of the preceding, however, will be available for all platforms. The different types of inventory can be accessed via the Inventory node of each device, either via the Device Topology top node or a device group node of which the respective device is a member.

The inventory for a device is accessed through the device's Inventory subnode. It provides access to all different types of inventory that can be collected for a device.

Its information displays via its two tabs Asset Summary and Inventory Status.

The following topics are provided:

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