Device information

The Home tab displays a summary information about the local device.



Host Name

The name of the local computer in either its long or short network format or as its IP address in dotted notation.

IP Address

Displays the IP address of the local computer in its dotted notation.

Agent Version

The version of the CM agent that is installed on the local device.

Operating System

Displays the operating system installed on the computer.

Processor Name

The name of the processor of the device.

System Memory

Displays the total RAM installed on the local host in MB.

Local Disk

For each local disk partition an entry will be displayed showing the total amount disk space allocated to the drive/partition and the still available disk space. Any floppy/CD/DVD drives will also be listed with both values at 0, if no mediums are currently in the drive.

Published Rule Count

This parameter displays the number of operational rules that are advertised and ready for usage on the MyApps .

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