Chilli in the agent interface

Chilli is a procedural programming language, combining the features of BASIC and C, as well as some C++ concepts into a flexible computer language. This powerful script language is a stand-alone language with its own compiler.

Chilli is used in the CM agent Web Interface to execute repetitive and automated tasks through scripts integrated into its HCHL pages. These scripts can be called through the new BMC Software extended tags or via the command line. Additional parameters can be specified with the script to be called within the tag's arguments. How these Chilli functions are called is explained in more detail in the topics on the respective tags later in this reference.

Below are some examples of a tag including Chilli.

Example 1

<SETVAR name=CountModels value=(ArrayGetSize (NaviLoopModelList.ExpModelDescList))>

In this example a Chilli function, ArrayGetSize with its argument, is used as the value for the value parameter of the BMC Software specific SETVAR tag.

Example 2

<SCRIPT language=chilli>
    if (defined ('_wpcolor'))
        if(_wpcolor != "")
            UserSettingSetValue (REMOTE_USER, "Prop/WpColor", _wpcolor)

In this example a Chilli script is executed through the SCRIPT tag, where the language parameter is defined as the Chilli scripting language.

Chilli Functions in the CM agent Interface

The Chilli language was extended for the CM agent Interface with some additional function modules. However, almost all existing modules either are or can be used with it.

Functions of the following general Chilli modules are used by the CM agent Interface:

  • File
  • SNMP
  • String
  • Miscellaneous
  • HTML File
  • CSV File
  • Gif Image Manipulation
  • Variable Manipulation
  • DBM Database

As this reference concentrates on the CM agent Interface specific elements, it will not explain any Chilli functions. For more information about these refer to the BMC Software Chilli Reference guide. This guide includes detailed information about the Chilli language in general, as well as the overall possibilities and functionalities of all Chilli functions.

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