Bulletins by Product

The following topics provide more information about bulletins by product:

What can I do in this node?

In this node you can:

  • view all available product families with their corresponding bulletins
  • view downloaded bulletins
  • select bulletins and deploy them to affected devices
  • hide individual bulletins or all bulletins from a product family

What is a Device Count?

In the overview of all available product families you see a column called Device Count . Device Count indicates the number of devices in your network affected by bulletins of the product family. If the Device Count of a product family is 0 , no device is affected by the respective bulletins.

Hiding product bulletins

Bulletins can be hidden individually or they may be hidden by product, that is, all bulletins of a specific product are hidden. In this case the product itself will disappear from the list of Bulletins by Product . To hide all bulletins and the product from this view and add it to the Hidden Bulletins table proceed as follows. In the table of the Hidden Bulletins the bulletins will appear individually and not classified by the product name. Be aware that hidden bulletins cannot be fixed. To hide only some of the product's bulletins select the respective product and proceed from this view. Contrary to the hiding of vulnerabilities, bulletins are always hidden for all users of the console and not per individual administrator.

  1. Select the product family to hide in the right window pane.
  2. Click Edit > Hide Product Bulletins .
    A message window appears. In this free text box you can enter comments as to why the product bulletins are hidden.
  3. Click OK to confirm the message and close the window.

The elements will now disappear from the Hidden Bulletins tab and be displayed in the Hidden Bulletins.

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