A bulletin is a file published by a software manufacturer about a security issue or vulnerability in one of its products.

A bulletin contains:

  • a description of the problem with origin, severity and possible solutions
  • links for patches

What can I do with a Bulletin?

After getting an idea of the objective of the bulletin in the description, you can deploy it on devices in your network which are affected by it. All patches from the bulletin are downloaded and installed on the respective devices.

Are some Bulletins more important than others?

Each bulletin has a certain severity indicating the urgency of the contained patches. Severity is represented by a coloured flag:

  • Critical
  • Important
  • Moderate
  • Low
  • Unrated

If a bulletin is classified as Unrated , it is due to the fact that it contains several patches with different severity ratings.

Missing patches with the status Critical should be fixed immediately, whereas Low indicates the lowest severity.

What does the icon next to a Bulletin stand for?

Each bulletin has an icon next to it to indicate its current status:

  • green: All patches of the bulletin were downloaded successfully.
  • yellow: At least one patch of the bulletin was downloaded successfully, but there are still patches that have not been downloaded yet.
  • red: The download of the patches failed.
  • gray: No patch of the bulletin was downloaded yet.

How can I ensure that I always have the latest Bulletins?

Patch Management regularly checks for new bulletins to ensure that no important patches are missed. Your only task is to deploy these bulletins.

Whenever Patch Management detected a new bulletin, this is visualized by the icon next to the bulletin.

Where do I find Bulletins in the console?

In the Console you find bulletins in different places.

To view all available bulletins go to:

  • Patch Management > Patch Manager > Your Patch Manager > Bulletins by Year
  • Patch Management > Patch Manager > Your Patch Manager > Bulletins by Product
  • Patch Management > Patch Manager > Your Patch Manager > Hidden Bulletins

To view which bulletin belongs to a patch go to Missing Patches or Installed Patches of the following nodes:

  • Patch Management > Patch Detection > Scanned Devices > Your Scanned Device
  • Patch Management > Patch Detection > Scanned Device Groups > Your Scanned Device Group
  • Device Topology > Your Device > Patch Inventory
  • Device Groups

To create predefined reports based on bulletins go to:

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