BMC Client Management agent

BMC Client Management deploys intelligent agents to all workstations that are capable of automatically interacting with their surrounding IT environment in order to determine their location and system needs. Whether the computer is a laptop, making irregular connections via dial-up, or a fixed workstation, the agents constantly report their presence and status to the nearest or most appropriate BMC Client Management server. As a result, the master server is capable of dynamically updating its topology database and of displaying this information in an easy way to understand expandable file tree format.

The CM client agent is installed on each client and operates completely independent of the master server, sending information either at regularly defined intervals or when polled by the master or any other module through its respective relay, such as reporting their connection status. Agents receive data/actions from and forward data to their upper level based on a pre-defined schedule allocation. They provide monitoring of and reporting on a very large number of parameters. The nature of these parameters depends on the operating system of the client on which the agent is installed, that is, if it is a Windows client, a Linux client or a Mac OS X client.

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