Attributes collected for Connectivity class

The Connectivity class collects the asset details to which the device is physically connected. This type of inventory is available only for hardware devices that can be contacted via SNMP, and can connect to other hardware devices such as a router or a switch. For more information about the connectivity inventory and the collected attributes, see Connectivity details.

The following table provides a list of attributes that are collected for connectivity class:

AttributeLicense requiredImpacted deviceCollected for managed devices?Collected for unmanaged devices?
Device TypeInventory ManagerSwitch/Router(error)(tick)
Domain NameInventory ManagerSwitch/Router(error)(tick)
Host IDInventory ManagerSwitch/Router(error)(tick)
IP AddressInventory ManagerSwitch/Router(error)(tick)
MAC AddressInventory ManagerSwitch/Router(error)(tick)
NameInventory ManagerSwitch/Router(error)(tick)
NetBIOS NameInventory ManagerSwitch/Router(error)(tick)
Operating System NameInventory ManagerSwitch/Router(error)(tick)
PortInventory ManagerSwitch/Router(error)(tick)
StatusInventory ManagerSwitch/Router(error)(tick)
Subnet MaskInventory ManagerSwitch/Router(error)(tick)
Topology TypeInventory ManagerSwitch/Router(error)(tick)
TypeInventory ManagerSwitch/Router(error)(tick)
UserInventory ManagerSwitch/Router(error)(tick)
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