All Bulletins

All Bulletins

This tab provides the list of all available bulletins according to their year of publication with a number of filter options to limit the list for specific requirements.


When this view is opened for the first time, it is empty.

What can I do in this tab?

In this tab you can:

  • Filter the list of available bulletins according to specific criteria
  • Select one or more bulletins and have them fixed.
  • Move one or more bulletins to the list of hidden bulletins.

Which filter criteria are available?

You can filter the bulletins according to one or a combination of several of the following criteria:


To start the filtering, click Sort.



Start Date

Select in this drop down box the starting date of the bulletins to be displayed.

End Date

Select in this drop down box the last publication date for which to display the bulletins.

Start Severity

Select the lowest severity for the displayed bulletins.

End Severity

Select the highest severity for the displayed bulletins. If the bulletins of only one severity are to be displayed both severity fields must display the same severity value.


Enter any type of string which should be contained either in the Bulletin Name or in the Title field. The field is case insensitive.

Affected Devices

Check this box to limit the list to the bulletins which affect at least one device in the whole network.

Hiding Bulletins

To hide a bulletin from this view and add it to the Hidden Bulletins table proceed as follows. Bulletins are always hidden for all users of the console and not per individual administrator.

  1. Select the bulletins to hide in one of the bulletin tabs in the right window pane.
  2. Click Edit > Hide Bulletin .
    A message window appears. In this free text box you can enter comments as to why the bulletin is hidden.
  3. Click OK to confirm the message and close the window.

The elements will now disappear from the bulletin tab and be displayed in the Hidden Bulletins .

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