Advanced parameters

The parameters of this tab allow you defined specific aspects of the communication between the agents and agents and console.


Default value


Default Timeout for TCP Based Communications (sec)


A timeout defined in seconds used by the agent for network communication.

Default Timeout for TCP Based Connections (sec)


A timeout defined in seconds used by the agent for network connection.

Frame Size (Bytes)


Defines the frame size of the network type which the device uses for communication. This parameter must only be modified for devices using non-ethernet networks, such as token ring, frame relays or ATM networks.

Connection Queue Max Size


The maximum number of queued incoming connections.

Tunnel Timeout (sec)


The timeout in seconds is used to verify if the tunnel connection is still alive.


Defines the device on which the recording is stored during capture. It could be either on a relay or on the video manager. By default, if nothing is specified, the recording is stored on a relay. If it fails, a retry is performed on the video manager.

Note that if the Remote Control module of the parent is not loaded or is in a version that doesn't support this feature, a fallback connection is established with the video manager to handle the remote recording.

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