Accessing and navigating the BMC Client Management web console

By using the BMC Client Management web console, you can access the devices via a web browser. The web console enables you to:

  • view the device information such an overview of the device, its detailed properties, and all types of inventories,
  • connect to a device remotely and record the remote session,
  • transfer the files between your local device and remote device,
  • audit the device, and
  • perform actions like pinging, rebooting, waking up, and shutting down a device.

For information on the URLs for launching the web console, see Launching the web console for device access.

This BMC Client Management video (4 mins 3 secs) describes how to manage devices by using the web console.–x7JfKq79I

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  1. Carlos Arteaga

    Hi, What permissions should I grant to a non-administrator user to search for devices in the web console?

    Mar 22, 2021 11:56