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Viewing license information

The main Licenses tab provides the following information about the available licenses.




Displays the name of the license. This can be either BMC Client Management for the basic license of the software, or the names of individually licensed modules, such as Remote Control .


Indicates for how many agents the license is valid for the basic license.


This column indicates the number of remaining licenses.

Expiry Date

If the license is a limited license, such as an evaluation license, this field displays its expiry date, in the default format defined in the user preferences. The basic license which comes with the software is limited to 30 days after the date of installation. If the license is unlimited this field remains empty.


Valid: This value shows that the current license is valid and working.

Expired: This value indicates that the system date is after the expiry date for the license. This means that the license is effectively invalid and must be renewed to work again.

Expiring: This status warns you that your current license is about to expire. The status will change to this value 15 days before it will actually expire.

Exceeded: This value indicates that the date until which the license was valid was passed. The license is therefore effectively invalid and must be renewed.

Invalid: This value indicates that the current license is invalid. Licenses in the BMC Client Management are stored in the database with a checksum, which can legally be modified through newly imported licenses. If the license is changed any other way than through the console and an imported license, such as directly via the database, the license will become invalid.

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