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Verifying the patch status

BMC Client Management indicates when a patch is installed, however, sometimes Windows update or any other tool indicates that a patch is missing. Check the following files to verify if the patch is installed or missing.

  • For BCM version 11.5 up to 12.5: \Client\log\Patches\result.xml
  • For BCM version 12.6: \data\PatchManagementPremium\workspace\scan.*
  • For BCM version 12.7 and later: \Client\log\Patches\scan.*

Once you have these files and patch information, you can verify the patch status by checking the following information.

  • Result.xml
    In this file, on the second line (starting with "PatchScan"), check the following information.
    • XMLVersion: It verifies the patch KB version.
    • ScannerVersion: It is required if you need to open an incident to Ivanti support.
    • utcEndDate: It is the date when the scan is done.
    On line 4, information about operating system is specified (starting with "Product", for example, <Product Name="Windows 10 Enterprise (x64)" SP="1607" LanguageID="0809">).
    Search for your patch name. It should be either 'installed' or 'missing'.
    For example, <Item class="Patch" BulletinID="MS18-05-W10-4103723" SQNumber="Q4103723" Superseded="true" PatchName="windows10.0-kb4103723-x64_delta-1607.msu" Severity="1" Status="Installed"/>.
  • Scan.json
    In this file, same information is available but with a different title.
    • content: It is the XML version in sub-attributes 'major', 'minor', 'build', and 'revision'.
    • scanner: It is the 'endDate' about scan time and attribute 'major', 'minor', 'build', and 'revision' for SDK version.
    • machines: It has information about the system such as 'name', 'regionid', and 'servicepackname'.

If you are not able to find the patch, verify if it has to be installed on the system. For Microsoft patches you can verify using this link: you select your Operating System, you can verify if your patch is replaced by another one which is already installed on your system.

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