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The Options tab of a patch job

This tab displays a recap of the options defined for this patch job:



Display an information window prior to installation

Defines if a pop-up window appears on the screen of the target device, informing the remote user that patches are now installed and applied on his computer.

Install using Quiet mode

Defines that the patch installation is to be executed without the remote user's being aware of it. If you uncheck this box the default dialog boxes concerned with patch installation appears on the screen. Be aware, however, that not all patches necessarily interact with the user.

Stop On Error

Defines that the patch installation is to continue even if one of the patches of the group has failed to install.

Lock mouse and keyboard on client device

Defines if the mouse and keyboard on the target device are blocked during the patch installation, that is, the user logged on to the local device may not execute any other operations during the installation.

Reboot after installation

Defines if a reboot is previewed after the installation of the last patch package of the patch job. Be aware that if you do not reboot after installation when a reboot is expected by one of the patches installed, this patch is still seen as missing even if you force a scan after install by the option below. If no user is logged on to the target device the reboot is automatically launched. If there is an open session that is locked the reboot mechanism waits until the session is unlocked before displaying the respective window and launching the reboot.

Operational Rule

Click to select an operational rule that you want to deploy before the patches are installed.


Clicking the blue link above the parameter list will open the patch wizard on the corresponding page to edit these options.

Editing patch jobs

It is possible to edit the patch job definitions on the tabs of a patch job.

  1. Select a line in the right window pane.
  2. Click Edit Patch Job  .
    The Patch/Service Pack Distribution Wizard displays on the screen displaying the wizard page corresponding to the tab on which it was called.
  3. Make the required modifications in the page(s).
  4. Click Finish to confirm and apply the modifications.

The modifications will be taken into account immediately and applied to all future patch and service pack installations.

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