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The History tab of a patch job

The History tab provides the same information aboutce in tabular and once in graphical format: It shows the installation progress of the patches to be installed and the final installation result for a customizable number of days past.

To modify the number of days for which the information and graphics are shown, select the desired number from the Show past (days): drop-down list.

The table displays the following detailed information:



Evaluation Time

The date and time at which the patch job progress was evaluated.


The number of patches that were installed. Be aware that his number may be higher than the number of missing patches. This is due to the fact that if an application is missing several patches only the latest patch is actually installed and applied, as they normally contain all previous patches as well. However, the count in this case considers that not only this latest patch was installed but all the missing ones before as well.


The number of patches waiting to be installed.

Critical Pending

The number of critical patches waiting to be installed.


The number of patches that failed to install.

Number of devices

The number of devices on which the patches were installed. Once all patches are installed the last number should be the same as the number of the assigned devices.

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