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The Assigned Devices tab of a patch job

This tab lists all devices that are assigned to the patch job together with the following information.


Be aware, that this table columns represent the global evaluation of the patch job, however, if you do not have read access on all devices assigned to this job, the number of devices shown in the detailed views can differ from the information shown here.

You can filter the table according to the following criteria:

  • Filter by Patch Status: To limit the displayed list to the devices of a certain patch installation status, select the desired value from this list.
  • Filter by Device Group: To limit the list of devices to the members of a specific group or display only those devices that are no member of any group, select the desired value from this list.



    Device Name

    This column lists all devices that are assigned to this patch job.

    IP Address

    The IP address of the device.


    The patch installation status of the device. Possible values are:

    • Patch inventory not yet uploaded: The agent is waiting to establish the patch inventory of the device that is required to determine which patches are missing and must be installed.
    • Executing: The patch job is executing and installing the required patches one after the other.
    • Installed: All missing patches were successfully installed.
    • Installation failed: At least one of the required patches could not be installed on the device.
    • Not applicable: The patches of this patch job are not applicable to the device, that is, they are not missing on the device.

    Inherited from Group

    This column shows if the assignment was made directly or via a group, in which case the name of the device group is displayed in the field.

    Installed Patches

    The number of installed patches.


    The number of patches that failed to install.

    Number of Patches

    The total number of patches.

    Percentage CompleteThe percentage of patches installed for that device.

    Patch Knowledge Base Version

    The version number of the patch knowledge base that was used for the patch process of the respective device.

    Last Update

    The date and time at which the patch inventory was last updated on the device to check if all its patches are up to date.

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