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Sending an email

Before you can send a mail to an administrator or an administrator group you must ensure that the following settings were defined:

  • Under Global Settings > System Variables > Mail , the Mail Server Name and Mail Port Number must be specified.
  • Under Administrators , the Email box in the General tab of the administrators in question must be filled out.

CM allows you to directly send the contents of a console window as a report in html format to any recipient. This is done by selecting the console window to be sent and using the Tools > Send a Mail menu option and its Define Mail dialog box.

Proceed as follows to send an email containing the contents of a console window to another person:

  1. Go to the console window which is to be sent as a report in html format.
  2. Select Tools > Send a Mail and the Define Mail dialog box appears on the screen.

    To specify the recipients as direct recipients, copy recipients and blind copy recipients, you proceed in the same way.

    To enter recipients click To / CC / BCC and the Select an Address dialog box appears on the screen.

    • To select an administrator or administrator group from the list select the Select from List radio button and then select the following recipient(s). You can specify an administrator group as the recipient, in this case the mail will be sent to all members of this group that have a valid email address entered into their general data tab.
    • Or you can select the Select Manually radio button and enter any valid email address into the following text box. You can also enter more than one address by separating these through a semi-colon, for example,; .
  3. Then you can change the Subject of the mail, by default when you open the dialog box the subject is BMC Client Management .

    The Subject box contains the name of the report which is being sent, which is always report.html . This box is not editable.

  4. Below the Subject box you can see a free text box into which you can enter a message to the addressees. When the window first opens it contains a standard message informing the recipients that the mail contains a report of a CM Console view displaying the tab and node name of the right window pane, that the report was created from.
  5. Click OK to confirm the mail and to send it.

The email is sent.

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