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Relay List Server parameters

This method calls an action on the defined list server URL to map the agent IP subnet to a preferred relay by order of priority, you can configure multiple relay servers. Client devices try to connect to a relay list server, get the relay list from the server, and use the list to establish connection with a relay server. The relay server order is important because clients connect to the first relay server defined on the list and move sequentially till the end of the list. If the List Server URL parameter cannot be set to empty value.

To configure a Relay List Server

  1. Go to the Communication node of the device.
  2. In the Parameters tab, select Auto-Select Relay, and click .
  3. In the Properties window, enter the Relay List Server URL(s).
  4. Click Ok.



List Server URL(s)

The URL to the BCM agent on which the actions to find the appropriate relay are to be executed. Multiple relay list servers are supported, each URL must be separated by a comma.

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