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Regularly scanning a device group for missing patches

You can also scan any number of devices simultaneously in one step. To do so, you make use of a device group which consists of devices according to certain criteria.

Since new patches are published frequently, you should regularly scan your devices for missing patches. You can automate scanning by defining a schedule.

In this task you learn how to scan immediately and every day at 01:00 AM for patches.

  1. Go to Patch Management > Patch Detection and click the Edit > Scan Device Group menu item.
    The Assign to Device Group window displays.
  2. Click and select the device group you want to scan for missing patches from the list.

    If you have not yet created a device group yourself, you can select the predefined device group All Devices which includes all devices in your network.

  3. Click OK .
    The window is closed and the Scheduler window displays.
  4. In the When do you want this rule to be run on devices? box select the Run repeatedly on a schedule option to define the time to scan the device group for missing patches. To scan every day at 01:00 AM, leave all values in this area as they are, only in the time box next to the Once daily list select 01:00 .
  5. Below the When should this schedule end? question select the Unlimited option from the End after box.
  6. Click OK .
    The device group is scanned for missing patches and added to Scanned Device Groups under Patch Detection .
  7. Click Patch Detection > Scanned Device Groups .
    In the right window pane you can follow the progress of the scan via the Status column.
  8. Wait until the status Scan completed is displayed.
  9. Go to Patch Management > Patch Detection > Scanned Device Groups > Your Scanned Device Group > Missing Patches and select an element in the right window pane to check which patches are missing for the device group .

    Patches are combined in different categories, for example, affected product, language or severity. Count indicates the number of missing patches on all devices for the selected category.

You successfully scanned a device group and created an up-to-date patch inventory. Additionally the device group is scanned every day according to your schedule.

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