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Quick search settings

The Quick Search tab of the Global Settings > System Variables page provides an easy means of finding devices that match one or more specific criteria.

The information that is indexed for a device are its identity, and its hardware and software. The indexing of the available device information is managed via the following two parameters:

UpdateThis schedule defines the frequency with which the database is checked for new or updated objects, which are then indexed right away, if any are found.
MaintenanceThis parameter defines the frequency with which the database is searched for deleted objects which are then removed from the index. BMC recommends to not run this operation too often or only during quiet times, such as during the night or on weekends, as the process is quite time and resource consuming.

Both parameters display the following details:

StatusThe current status of the index operation.
Last Indexed TimeDisplays the date and time at which the last index operation was executed.
ActivationThis field shows the condition on which the index operation will start executing.
ScheduleThe fields of this column display the frequency with which the index operation will be executed.
TerminationThis field displays on which condition the index operation will definitely terminate its execution cycle.

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