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The Protocols window only displays on the screen, if you are defining a new scan configuration. In this window you can define which protocols are to be used for scanning.

  1. By default all protocols are activated, to deactivate a protocol clear the box next to it.

    If you are not scanning for virtual devices you can clear the VMware vSphere and Hyper-V protocols.

  2. To add credentials to a protocol select its entry in the table and then click Add Credential to the right.
    The Credentials box becomes available.
  3. To add a new user identification click Add at the bottom.
    The Properties dialog box appears.
  4. Enter the login name and corresponding password in the respective text boxes and reenter the password for confirmation. The login name must have the following format:
    • <domain name>/<user logon> if you are on a domain,
    • <user logon> if you are not on a domain.
  5. If you are adding credentials for the SNMP protocol you must enter into these text boxes the name of the community and confirm it by re-entering into the respective field.
  6. To view the passwords/communities you can also clear the Hide Passwords check box. Both password boxes will now be displayed in clear text format.
  7. To confirm the new user account click OK at the bottom of the window.
  8. The account will be added to the list in the right part of the dialog.
  9. Repeat the preceding steps to add more authentications if necessary.
  10. To delete an existing user login from the selected protocol select it in the table and click Delete below the box.
  11. Click Next to continue.
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