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This version of the product is in limited support. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.

Preparing console for agent rollout

Before you can execute any operations in the console such as rolling out the agents across your network, you must provide the license for your system. You can download this license from the BMC website. If you are unable to download the license, contact BMC to provide you with one. However, a basic temporary license will automatically be installed with the software to enable you to launch it. This license is limited to 20 managed devices and 15 days. It is erased and replaced as soon as you import your full license.

The license file contains all the necessary information about the purchased product options. After it is installed, you can access all of these. Licenses are imported via their files and cannot be added manually. If you have a license that excludes some features of the product, you can acquire an additional license for these features at any time. If your license is expired, only the Licenses node will be shown in the console so you can import a new one.

License considerations for a super master architecture

As with the regular architecture, you must first import the licenses delivered with your software into all your masters, including the super master. Be careful to use the correct license for each master device, because the contents reflected in the license key are different for each license:

Super Master

  • The global maximum number of all devices (for example, a site has one 50-device-license a second one for 30 devices, then the super master has a license for 81 agents)
  • The global maximum number of all scans (for example, a site has one 50-scan-license a second one for 30 scans, then the super master has a license for 80 inventory scans)
  • The global maximum number of all patched devices (for example, a site has one 50-device-license a second one for 30 devices, then the super master has a license for 80 patch inventories)
  • The Super Master license.

Site Masters

  • The total number of devices the respective site manages (for example, for 50 agents)
  • The licenses for all purchased functionalities, such as software distribution, patch management, power management, and so on

To change the console display language

The console is available in seven different languages: American English, British English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. The language chosen by default is the language of your operating system. If that language is not supported, the display language defaults to American English. If you prefer to work in some other language you can change it as follows:

  1. Select Tools > User Preferences or click the Your Preferences link in the Welcome part.

    The Preferences window appears on the screen.

  2. In the General tab select the language from the Language list.
  3. Click OK to confirm and to close the window.

The console refreshes and displays in the selected language.

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