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Patch Manager

The following topics provide more information about Patch Manager:

What is a Patch Manager?

A Patch Manager is a device in your network which manages the patching system.

What can I do with a Patch Manager?

With a Patch Manager you can:

  • scan devices in your network for patches
  • download patches
  • deploy patches on affected devices
  • check for new bulletins/ patches
  • assess existing bulletins

Can any device be a Patch Manager?

Any device with a supported Windows operating system can be defined as Patch Manager . To be able to deploy patches efficiently across your network, the Patch Manager should have a strong configuration and at least 2GB disk space to store patches. For detailed information regarding the required operating systems refer to the Prerequisites topic.

Where do I find a Patch Manager in the console?

To view the currently device defined as Patch Manager go to:

The Patch Configuration node

What can I do in this node?

In this node you can:

  • update the Patch Knowledge Base
  • inform yourself about the status of the Patch Knowledge Base
  • configure proxy
  • configure Patch Manager advanced downloading and updating
  • change the patch manager
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