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Patch Detection

Patch Detection is a component of Patch Management which scans your devices for patches and displays the results in different categories.

What can I do with patch detection?

With Patch Detection you can:

  • Select a single device and scan it for patches
  • Select a device group and scan all its members for patches
  • Schedule scanning to scan the targets regularly at certain times
  • View results in four different categories: Installed Patches, Installed Service Packs, Missing Patches and Missing Service Packs
  • View a bar chart or pie chart visualizing the scan status
  • Select the patches or service packs you want to deploy

Where do I find Patch Detection in the console?

To view Patch Detection, go to Patch Management > Patch Detection.

The Patch Detection node has two tabs:

  • Members: This tab has two nodes, Scanned Device Groups and Scanned Devices.
  • Dashboard: This tab graphically presents the patch detection status, patch severity status, top 10 affected products, and top 10 vulnerable devices. See the following screenshot for details.

The Scanned Devices node and any device group listed under the Scanned Device Group node has the following tabs: 

  • The Assigned Devices tab displays a list of scanned devices or device groups with details such as its name, scan status, last status update time, and so on.
  • The Bar Chart tab represents the scan status in a bar chart.

  • The Pie Chart tab represents the scan status in a pie chart.

For details, see the following topics:

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