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Packages settings

From the Packages tab of  the Global Settings > System Variables page, you can define default settings for all types of supported packages.



Activate Network Installation Option

This option allows to define if the network installation is possible for MSI and custom packages and the administrative install for MSI packages.By default this option is not activated. Administrative installation in this case means, that the package will not be downloaded to the target client but remains on the relay and the installation will be executed from the relay. The network installation is very similar to the administrative installation with the difference that the package is only extracted at the relay and the clients will launch a normal installation via the network. An administrative installation will install the package on the network and the targets will simply execute the installed package. The advantage of an administrative installation compared to a network installation lies with regards to patches which are to be applied to packages: If the package is patched future target clients will directly install the patched version of the package. If a network installation is used clients first install the version without the patch and then need to install the patch on it separately.Be aware that this option is only applicable to packages which were created with a packager of version 5.3.1 or later. If you would like to use packages created with an earlier version, you need to send them back to a packager, modify them (the checksum must change) and then republish them.

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