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Managing software catalog

The Software Catalog lists all software that was found on the selected device sorted by the product it is part of. You can filter the table according to the following criteria:



Only Show Discovered Software

Check this box if the catalog is only to show software of its complete catalog that was discovered on at least one device within your network. If you leave this box unchecked, this list will show all software that is included in the catalog.


Select in this drop-down box according to which of the available criteria you want to sort the table. You can sort according to all criteria.


Select in this drop-down box the operator that defines how the value to be defined in the next box is to be evaluated.


Enter the expression that you want to search for in the table.

The software catalog table provides the following information about all items:




This column shows the names of all products that might be installed on any of the devices in your network. A product in this case is any type of software application or tool.


This field displays the name of the manufacturer of the respective product.

Category Name

This field displays which type of software the product belongs to, for example, if it is a browser, an application server software, and so on.


This field shows the status, as which it is currently viewed in CM , that is, if it is a product that is currently managed, either supported or unsupported, or if you have not yet dealt with it (Unidentified)

Edition Name

This field displays the edition of the product.

Changing a license unit status

The software products contained in the Software Catalog initially all have the same status, that of Unidentified . This indicates that the product is part of the catalog, probably was found on devices in your network, but has not yet been treated. After you have gone through the list of products the catalog provides and identified those that are supported in your organization you can change the status of the selected units as follows:

  1. Select the Application Management > Software Catalog node in the left window pane.
  2. Select the product in the table.
  3. Right-click your mouse on it and then select Change Status and the desired status option:.
    • Managed - Supported , if this product is part of the software inventory of your organization, or
    • Managed - Unsupported , if none of the software items of a product are used by any of the devices in your environment.

The status of the product is changed directly.

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