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Managing format of a subreport

In the Format tab you can set up how the respective subreport will look like.

When defining the format of the subreport start with the final outcome of the data in your mind, think about what kind of information you are displaying and for which situation it is used, thereby taking into account the volume of the information as well.

The following table explains the different elements of the Format tab:



Subreport Format (list)

Defines in which format the data of the current subreport appears. The possible formats are Bar Chart , Pie Chart , Line Chart and Table . The following table lists all possible format options which can be modified.


Displays all attributes which can be configured for the selected format. The list of possible options varies according to the chosen format.


Indicates if the attribute is to be used for the formatting of the query data and at which value it is set. To modify any of these values call the Properties window through the menu item or the respective icon and execute the necessary modifications.


Displays a description of the attribute in the form of an explanation.

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