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Managing dynamic downloader

A Dynamic Downloader is a component of Patch Management to automatically download specific patches or service packs.

What can I do with a Dynamic Downloader?

With a Dynamic Downloader you can automatically download patches and service packs by defining specific criteria:

  • Severity
  • Product Family
  • Language
  • time
  • Affected Devices
  • Product Name

If a new bulletin is detected which complies with the criteria of an activated Dynamic Downloader , it is immediately downloaded.

Microsoft Office is frequently used in your company. Your employers are from different nations and Microsoft Office is installed in English, German and Spanish. To ensure efficiency you always want to have the latest patches and service packs installed. You define a Dynamic Downloader for Microsoft Office so that patches and service are available in the three required languages without any delay. After the download you add them to the existing patch group Microsoft Office . According to the defined schedule the new patches and service packs are deployed to the affected devices in your network.

How can I find out how many patches match my criteria?

At the top of the Options tab of a Dynamic Downloader there is a message Estimated Number of Patches to Download . The text next to it indicates the number of patches that match your criteria, for example, 15 patches . If 0 patches displays, modify your criteria until the desired number of patches is shown.

Where can I follow the download progress?

You can follow the download progress in two nodes:

  • To follow the current download progress and the status of all patches of a specific dynamic downloader , go to Patch Management > Patch Manager > Your Patch Manager > Dynamic Downloader > Your Dynamic Downloader and click the Status tab.
  • To follow the download progress of all dynamic downloaders, go to Patch Management > Patch Manager > Your Patch Manager > Downloads in Progress . Once a patch or service pack is downloaded, it disappears from this node.

Where do I find a Dynamic Downloader in the console?

To view all your existing Dynamic Downloader s go to:

For more information about dynamic downloading, see Dynamic downloading.

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