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Installing the first-level master relay

In the BMC Helix Client Management cloud installation, one or several master relays take over the specific functionalities that are normally executed by the master server. Depending on the size of your network, you might require only one first-level relay (master relay) or several. The first relay that is installed is automatically assigned all master functionalities, such as the rollout server, patch manager, asset discovery scanner, and so on.

If you intend to only install one first-level or master relay, it is recommended that you install it on a Microsoft Windows operating system. This then allows you to roll out agents to all other devices of any type of operating system in your environment. If you only install a Linux master relay, you need to pull the rollout individually for the other operating systems. To use this type of rollout, you need to be able to physically access the relay computer or to establish a remote control session with which you can download the installation files.

The BMC Helix Client Management team has specifically prepared and configured master relay rollouts for all supported operating systems for you and they are available on the rollout server page. You can download and install them on your relays.

Before you begin

Before you begin, make sure you have performed the following tasks.

To install a Windows master relay

  1. On the Windows relay computer, open a browser and type the address that was communicated to you by the BMC Helix Client Management team, the format of which normally is: https://<master relay IP address>:<master relay port>/rollout. For example,
    A login window appears.
  2. In the respective text boxes, enter the credentials that were communicated to you by the BMC Helix Client Management team.The browser opens the rollout server page on which you can find your rollout package. 
  3. Click the Rollout Name or the Auto-extractable Name to start the download of the installer package.
    The Save As window appears.
  4. Select the path in which to save the package and click Save.
  5. Go to the file location and launch the installation.
    The new relay is now silently installed. You can see that the installation is finished and the relay is up and running when the BMC Helix Client Management agent icon displays in the systray. The agent icon is gray  while the agent is initializing and then it changes to blue  when the agent is running.

You have now installed your first-level Windows relay and are ready to create and push the BMC Helix Client Management agent out to all targets with supported operating systems. However, before you can proceed with the rollout, you need to do some preparatory configuration tasks. For more information, see Agent rollout configuration.

If you want to install additional master relays, you need to repeat this procedure for each one.

Where to go from here

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