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Importing Out-of-the-Box objects

It is possible to import the predefined objects (out-of-the-box objects) later on if you have not done so during the master setup, or to import a later version than the one you have.

To import out-of-the-box objects, proceed as follows:

  1. Select Tools > Import Out-of-the-Box Objects .
    The Out-of-the-Box Object Import window opens on the screen.
  2. Select the language of the predefined objects from the drop-down box.

    If no predefined objects have previously been imported, the import process will be launched directly and you can continue directly with step 5. Otherwise the Import Results window opens on the screen if you already imported an earlier version of this file. It lists all predefined objects that are contained in this new file with their object type.

  3. Select all objects that are to be added or updated by marking the respective check box in the Update column.
  4. To update all objects select Select All Objects .
  5. Click OK to confirm the import and close the window.

The predefined objects will now be imported. The selected new ones will be added, those that already exist will be updated to their newest version.

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