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Generating Patch Group Reports

Once devices were scanned for patches or patches were deployed, you can generate patch reports. Patch reports offer you an overview and details of the patch situation for the respective patch group . The Console provides a number of report templates specifically for Patch Management . Additionally, you can also create your own report templates.

In this task, you learn how to generate patch reports based on existing report templates. To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to Patch Management > Patch Deployment .
  2. In the left window pane, select the patch group you want to generate a report for.
  3. Go to its Report Results subnode.
  4. Click Assign a report to the patch group .
    The Assign a Report dialog displays.
  5. In the right window pane, click Patches and select the report you want to generate.To get an overview of the patch situation, select Patch Group Executive Summary .
  6. Click OK.
    The Confirmation dialog box appears.
  7. To immediately generate the report, click OK.
    The Select Generation Formats dialog displays.
  8. Select the respective check boxes for the formats you want to generate.

    You can generate up to three different formats (XML, HTML, PDF) at the same time.

  9. Click OK.
    The dialog closes and the reports are generated. In the right window pane the selected formats have the status Available .
  10. To view the report, select the report and then click View in the browser window .
    The Select Display Format dialog displays.
  11. From the Available Formats drop-down list, select the format in which you want to display the report, for example, HTML, and click OK.
    A new Browser window or tab opens and displays the report.

You generated a patch report in different formats based on the patches and devices of an existing patch group. With the aid of this report, you can determine which devices need patching or make the results available in your company.

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