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Financially assessing your devices

After all financial information is entered, the basic data that applies for your complete infrastructure as well as the specific data for the individual devices the information is directly updated with the new data. The preceding information panel the table is divided into the following parts providing the essential information about the device:

  • Valuation : The lines in this part display basic device costs:
  • Device Costs : This is the purchase price of the device itself only.
    • Rollup Costs : This amount indicates the total cost of the device plus all other devices that are attached to it, such as a printer, a webcam, a peripheral storage device, and so on.
    • Current Estimated Value : This value calculates the remaining monetary value of the device itself, taking into account its purchase price, the estimated live time and the time of this life time that has already elapsed.
  • Support : The lines in this part provide useful information about the support that is provided for the device, such as the phone number to contact in case of problems and how long the support is still valid.
  • Lifecycle Status : This chart and the associated data display at which status of its life the device currently is.
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