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Example: Creating, generating, and viewing a style-based report

Style-based reports are based on a layout type that defines the number of subreports the report contains and how these subreports are ordered on the displayed or printed page. 12 different layout styles are available. Style-based reports can base their generated data on the results of a query, on the members of a device group, or both.

This example creates a report displaying some hardware inventory data based on query results in the form of a table that will be available on the MyApps and it is scheduled to be generated on the first of each month.

  1. Select the Reports node in the left tree hierarchy.
  2. Click Wizards > Report Creation to launch the Report Creation Wizard .
  3. Enter Hardware Summary into the Name and Report Title boxes.
  4. Click Next .
  5. Enter Hardware Summary List into the Subreport Title box.
  6. Select a query in the Query Name box, for example, All Devices .
  7. Click Add Column .
  8. Once all columns are added click the Subreport Preview button below the table.
    A browser window opens on your screen and displays how this subreport will roughly look like.
  9. Click Next to continue.
  10. Select the value Name in the Available Columns box.
  11. Select the value Ascending in the Sort Order drop-down list.
  12. Click Add to move the attribute to the list of Selected Columns .
  13. Now select the value IP Address , reselect the value None in the Sort Order drop-down list and click Add .
  14. Select the value MAC Address and click Add .
  15. Finally select the value Operating System and click Add .
  16. Click OK to close this window.
  17. Check the box Public Report .
  18. Click Next .
  19. Click Next without assigning any device group.
  20. Select the Immediately radio button in the Execution Date panel.
  21. Select the Run Forever radio button in the Termination panel.
  22. Go to the Frequency tab.
  23. In the By Schedule panel select the Day of the Month radio button.
  24. Select from the following list the value 1st day of the month.
  25. Go to the Frequency panel to the right and select the value Once daily in the Period box.
  26. In the following box, at , enter the time at which it is to be generated, for example, at 5 in the morning.
  27. Click Finish at the bottom of the window.
  28. Click Yes in the Confirmation window.
  29. Click View Last Result .
  30. Click Yes in the appearing pop-up window.

A new browser window or tab opens and displays the report.

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