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Event and logging settings

In the Event Management tab of the Global Settings > System Variables page, you can define the following default settings for the event and alert logging functions of your system:

Event: An event is any action that is initiated either by the user or the device.

Alert: An alert is any type of event for which a notification can be sent if required.

The table of the Event Management tab displays the following information:



Maximum Number of Alerts to Store in History

This entry defines the maximum number of all alerts logged into the database. After this number is reached and a new event is generated, the new event will replace the "oldest" event currently logged in the database. The default value for this number is 10000 .

Maximum Age for Events in History (days)

Defines the maximum time in days that persistent events stay logged in the database. The default value is 365 days.

New Alert Check Interval (sec)The time interval after which new alerts are checked. The default value is 3600 seconds. If set to 0, the check is deactivated.

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