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Enabling or disabling a step in an operational rule

If you no longer need a step in an operational rule, instead of removing the step, you can simply disable the step. If required, you can enable the step in the future. If you disable a step, only the active steps are executed when the operational rule is deployed.

After you upgrade to BMC Client Management version 12.9, all steps are in the active state. If you import an operational rule that was created before upgrading to BMC Client Management version 12.9, all steps in the operational rule are imported as active. You must disable the desired step after importing the rule. If you copy and paste a step from an operational rule, the state (active or inactive) of the step is also copied.


You cannot disable a step that is marked as GoTo.

To enable or disable a step in an operational rule

  1. Open the operational rule that you want to modify.
  2. Click Steps.
  3. To deactivate a step, in the Activated column, clear the check box.
  4. To activate a step that was previously deactivated, in the Activated column, select the check box.
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