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Editing the financial information of a device

To edit the financial information of one or more devices, proceed as follows:

  1. Make sure that you are located either under the Device Topology node or a Your Device Group node.
  2. Select its Default Values tab.
  3. Select the device for which you want to modify the financial information in the right window pane. You can select more than one device by holding the CTRL key pressed while making your selection.
  4. Click Properties .
    The Financial Asset Management dialog box appears.
  5. Modify the necessary values.

    • If you modify the Lifecycle Status , do not forget to click the icon next to the box to deactivate the automatic update. If you do not deactivate it, the selected value is updated to the calculated one again at the next update.
    • If you are editing the values for more than one device make sure to check the boxes to the left of the parameters that you want to edit. In this case only these are modified, all other unchecked parameters remain for each device as they are.
  6. Click OK to save the modified financial information.

To define financial information parameters, see Financial asset information.

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