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Discovery Type

The first wizard window allows you to decide if you want to execute an asset discovery scan with the predefined default values or if you would like to create a new customized scan.


If you want to scan your network for virtual devices and physical ones you need to use the customized scan.

  1. Select the radio button for the scan type you want to execute.
    1. If you have left selected the Automatic radio button to execute a default scan the following list now explains the values that will be used for the default scan.

      Be aware that the master will not be scanned using this option.

    2. To configure credentials required for authentication, click next to a protocol.
    3. In the Add a credential window, select an existing credential or click to create new credentials.

      The login name must have the following format:

      • <domain name>/<user logon> if you are on a domain,
      • <user logon> if you are not on a domain.
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