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Deploying a Bulletin to Affected Devices

Patch Management offers two principal ways for fixing patch problems:

  • View the Patch Inventory with Missing Patches and select the patches you want to deploy manually to devices
  • From the Patch Deployment node start the Patch/Service Pack Distribution and select patches/bulletins you want to deploy to all affected devices

In this task, you get to know the second way: You define which bulletins must be fixed in your network and Patch Manager automatically finds all affected devices based on the results of the patch scan. Subsequently, Patch Manager downloads all relevant patches included in the bulletin and deploys them to the devices.

  1. Click the Wizards > Patch/Service Pack Distribution menu item.
    The Patch/Service Pack Distribution Wizard is displayed.
  2. Enter a name for the new patch group in the Add patches to this patch group: field.
  3. From the Deploy the patches: drop-down list select Using a schedule that I define and click Next .
  4. Select the Bulletins Only radio button and click Find .
  5. Select the bulletin(s) you want to deploy from the list in the middle.

    By default all available bulletins of affected devices are listed ordered by severity.

    • To view only bulletins of a certain severity, select the respective check box in the Severity area and click Find .
    • To view only new bulletins, select the Only new check box and click Find .
  6. Select the bulletins to deploy in the list that appears.
  7. Click to add them to the list of bulletins to deploy at the bottom.
  8. Click Next .
    The Schedule view displays.

You selected a bulletin you want to deploy to affected devices. Continue with Scheduling
to define when the bulletin should be deployed.

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