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Defining reboot window time-slots

Reboot windows allow for a better control of when devices can be rebooted. The hourly slots are represented in the visual form of a spreadsheet. Each slot or cell represents the reboot permission of one hour of the week. By consulting this planning, agents know if they can reboot a device at the requested time. If no reboot window is assigned to a device, reboots are always allowed. Whenever a reboot window is assigned to a device, a message displays in the reboot log file.

 To define a reboot window

  1. Click the slot which is to be prohibited. By default all time slots are permitted.
    You can also select a range of slots by dragging your mouse button over the desired range.

  2. Click Deny Time-slot .
    The selected time-slot or slots are prohibited and do no longer permit reboots to take place during these hours.
  3. To allow a prohibited time-slot select it and then click Allow Time-slot .
  4. Repeat these steps for all other slots or ranges to be defined or modified.
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