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Customizing the end-user dialogs to provide a personalized experience

From BMC Client Management version 12.6 onwards, you can directly customize dialog boxes that provide product updates or acknowledgments to an end user directly through the BMC Client Management console. It enables you to deliver a personalized experience for end users. You can customize the end-user dialogs that appear for Remote Control Access, Direct Access, Operational Rules, and Patch Management.

Customizing the acknowledgment dialogs associated with Remote Control Access and Direct Access 

You can customize the acknowledgment dialogs with the following attributes:

  • Administrator photo
  • Admin user name
  • Location
  • Company logo
  • Remote acknowledgment timeout value

To customize dialog boxes that BMC Client Management displays for remote control access and direct access of devices:

  1. On the BMC Client Management console, click Global Settings > Administrators > admin > right-click Properties. In the Properties window, add the administrator photo, admin user name and location.


    If you do not enter the First name and Last name of the administrator, the acknowledgement dialog box will display the Login information that was set in the Properties window.

    The administrator photo can be synchronized with the directory server if a picture is available on it.

  2. Click Global Settings > System Variables > Security. Set the Remote Access Acknowledgement Timeout (sec) value. After the timeout value expires, you cannot take control of the device and you need to start a new remote control request for the device. If you set the timeout value to be 0, the acknowledgement dialog box never times out.
  3. Click Global Settings > System Variables > Customization.  Set the company logo that will appear on the dialog box.

    When you request remote access or direct access from the BMC Client Management console, the end user sees a customized dialog box.

Customizing the dialogs associated with Operational Rules 

You can customize the company logo on user dialogs that are associated with operational rules. When an operational rule is executed on the target device or device group, BMC Client Management displays the dialog with this customized logo. For information about how to customize the company logo, see Managing company logo.

Customizing the dialogs associated with Patch Management 

You can customize the company logo on user dialogs that are associated with patch management or application updates that need a system reboot. When a patched system needs to be rebooted, BMC Client Management displays the dialog with this customized logo. The custom logo appears on end-user dialogs such as, Remote Control, Direct Access, and User Message box. For information about how to customize the company logo, see Managing company logo.

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