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Creating a Device Group of Non-compliant Devices

After you have analyzed the compliance results, you can create a device group containing all devices which are not compliant with your rules for further treatment. To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the rule for which a group is to be created in the right window pane.
  2. Click Create Device Group - Not Compliant .
    The Create Device Group - Not Compliant window appears.
  3. Define the properties of the new group, such as another name as the default name, in the Create Device Group - Not Compliant window, then click OK .

The new group is now created at the defined location, containing all those devices as members of which the evaluation status is not compliant .


Using the same procedure with the respective icons/menu items you can also create a device group containing all compliant devices and a group for all devices that could not yet be evaluated. Because these groups are dynamic, devices currently being a member of the non-compliant group will automatically move to the compliant group once the necessary operations to make them comply to the criteria were executed.

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