Connecting the master to Postgres 9 and later

  1. Set the full log on the master by editing the mxtagent.ini file and setting the EnableTypes parameter to (All).
    The file is located in the master installation directory (by default /usr/local/ ) in the etc folder.
  2. Start the Client Management service, BMCClientManagementAgent by default.

    The first time the master connects to the previously created database, it creates all tables. This initialization phase can take several minutes.

  3. In the log directory of the master installation directory, open the mtxagent.log file and verify that there are no errors.


    If the master cannot connect to the database, you should see a connection problem error entry in the log. If this is the case, take the following actions:

    1. Verify the connection parameter in the Vision64database.ini file on the master (parameters to check: DatabaseType, DatabaseName, Host, Port, User and Password).
    2. If all the parameters in the Vision64database seem to be correct, try to connect to PostgreSQL with the following command line:

      psql -U postgres -d bcmdb
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