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Configuring post-install activities

From the Post-Install node, you can configure the rollout to add and edit a script to be executed after the rollout of the agent has terminated and to add files to be installed on the remote client. This could be to fine-tune agent settings for a specific computer or to simply add some individual configuration files.

The following topics are provided:

Executing scripts after rollout

The Script tab allows the administrator to write and edit a script in the Chilli language to be executed after the termination of the rollout process of the agent on the managed device. This script defines the actions to execute after a rollout has successfully taken place and what is to be done with the files that were added with the script. The default location of the script is Installation Directory/data/CoreUtils on the client device, and it is created and stored on the master when you leave the Post-Install node.

Adding files after rollout

The Files tab provides you with the possibility to add files to the rollout package which are installed or added on the local client after the actual rollout procedure. In which way they are to be treated is defined through the script explained in the preceding tab. By default the list is empty, however, as soon as the script has been created it is automatically added to the list. The table displays the following information about the added files:




Displays the name of the file to be installed or added on the client computer.

Define the destination path on the client for the selected files:

Shows the path, either full or relative to the agent, where the file is to be installed on the client device.

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